engineered flooring

All type of floating and fixed wooden flooring (engineering floor, hard wood, laminate)

We provide fast, quality and clean mounting all type of floating and fixed wooden flooring. If you want to use our proposal for massive floors and laminate flooring please do not hesitate and call us. We will arrange a meeting which will show you our catalog and will be able to choose from our extensive range.

Useful tip or why to call the professionals:

Laminate flooring is laid on a perfectly flat floor. Differences of about 2 mm offset with a special pad. The base should be dry and fat-free.

It is desirable that the laminate to stand for 48 hours in the room to acclimate. The installation of laminate starts with laying the mat. The common substrate serves as a vapor barrier and protects the bottom surface of the laminate and the substrate by rubbing one another.

The direction of stacking must always be perpendicular to the window to not visible joints. Required leaves away from the walls around 8-15 mm to avoid bulging pavement Accidental moisturizing.