First fix carpentry

Door set

We will do everything in your power, your investment can be the best possible and get the comfort you need. You can ask us at any time if you need by placing the interior door. Please note that if you insert a door of new construction as a part of first fix activities, then it must be "hidden wall." This is the part of the wall where the door will be. Most often among the construction and manufacturers of doors, this hole in the wall called "mesh".

The goal of the Blind countries in the lumen is to see how far you will go outside the boundaries of the door sills with, and to assess the exact amount, which will be mounted it. By setting the frame size of light masonry hole also determine the amount of interior door itself.

When you need to take these measurements it is better to consult a specialist to not receive subsequently discrepancies and no unpleasant surprises.


We provide skirting for laminate flooring and finishing aluminum strips by leading companies in a variety of colors and shapes to suit all individual needs of our customers.

They are resistant to moisture and easy maintenance and installation. Their advantage over MDF sills is their elasticity, able to rob all curves on the wall as often found in both the new and the old building. It is possible to put even oval walls by means of joints.

Trims and moldings are the finishing elements important for each floor. Technological distance that is left between the flooring / terracotta, carpets, etc. / And the walls at his installation, hides precisely with their help.

Skirt installed in all corners connecting the floor and the wall, while moldings are connecting element between two floors.

Trims and moldings can be of different materials most commonly used are: wood, MDF, PVC

Window boards

With regard to the first fix installation of doors and windows, there are little specific regulations, but there are many standards, regulations, norms and publications in the field of construction and energy efficiency. Increasing legislative requirements for thermal and sound insulation lead to the introduction of mandatory criteria for the construction of energy efficient buildings. This is the main task that must be achieved by the installation of new windows and front doors

And there are some practical solutions for your window. Foreign sills and roofs play an essential role in the direct drainage of rain, reducing the likelihood around windows leak. Interior sills round off every window and sleek, rounded shapes. Can be installed at any time and are easily cleaned. It is particularly useful in windows that form condensation because protect the wall and it stays dry.

Bath support

Our team of skilled craftsmen will take care for first fix for plumbing to replace the old sewer, change this or installation of taps, fittings, showers and professional lying of ceramic tiles, granite finishes for interior and exterior application of flooring ceramics and grease - Better performance, working with quality materials, complete, timely and affordable.

Craftsmen, specialists in placing both acrylic and metal bathtubs and for installation of whirlpool tubs, with long experience in the placement of these products and their perfect connection with plumbing and electrical installation will take care for your bath. The installation of our masters, gives guarantee for correct positioning of the product and his long operation.