Second fix carpentry

Rehang the doors

There are so many rules when mounting a door, so if you choose to mount and hang the doors at home by yourself just to save money from second fix activities, please read the rolls below.

During the working process always are appear unexpected surprises and unpleasant problems to solve – incorrect measurements, bad first fix building parameters (dimensions are not as on the project and is impossible to fix it) and mostly – not enough experience in that field.

Most often case – the door don’t match the space for it – so, please call a pro to make accurate measurements and to prepare a door according correctly parameters to avoid corrupt to the door frame, the wall and the door itself. That’s definitely will save your money!

Bath panel

After specifying the location of the bath panel and connecting the siphon and to sewer can be outline on the floor loop in which to wall reinforcement. The installation of the bath panel on their own feet with adjustable length, lying in a mirror made in the bottom "mold" of rigid foam, etc. It depends on the particular model. Then remains to close the gap between the floor and the peripheral boards of the tub not touch the walls of the room.

Shower and bath screen

When installing the shower often creates difficulty embedding its bath, where the manufacturer has not provided the relevant surrounded it plastic items so that they are a complete unit. When the shower is not fitted with a structure surrounded it by plastic panels, it should also be build from countries that do not rely directly on the bathroom walls.

We provide high quality shower and bath screen on an individual customer references. These models can be mounted on shower trays, baths or on constructed from tiles thresholds. They use high quality materials: PVC profiles, aluminum profiles in white or chrome matt polystyrene panels and toughened glass in different colors and thicknesses.